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Racism and Middle Earth: Part 2/6: Numenorean Hierarchy of Men

Okay, this is part of an ongoing series, and also a draft (the final, complete version will be offered as a downloadable pdf.) As such there are a couple un-attached pages that you will probably want to know about:

Also, regarding feedback: I love it. But keep in mind that this is part 1 of 6, so there’s a pretty good chance I’m already planning on talking about whatever you’re thinking off. Send me a message anyway, be my guest, just keep that in mind. And, if your feedback is more of the “sharing my ideas on the subject” variety, it’s probably more valuable to the fandom as a reblog - put your words out there so everyone can benefit from them, not just me (I promise I’ll be reading all the reblogs on this post anyway, so I’ll still see it.)

(Anyway, as I mentioned this is a draft, so please let me know if you notice any typos/factual errors. I’ll likely polish this up for a downloadable final version, so any mistakes you catch now would really help me out later. The final version of this section will include at least one more page, which will describe the elvish inspiration for the Numenorean hierarchy)

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